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28 June 2010 @ 12:46 am

All Wooyoung ever wanted was to dance.

His parents always told him that he was able to dance before he was able to walk, but he just said that he liked to bobble. They send him to ballet school when he was eight and his first day was one of his happiest until now. He had been the only boy in the group but he didn't care, never cared, because dancing was more important than everything (except for school, his parents always rushed to remind him).

When Wooyoung was thirteen he joined a dance crew. It was a totaly different way of dancing, but it made him happy as well and helped him  build new muscles. He still went to ballet lessons on Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays and spent the other days with his dancecrew. He already surpassed them after half a year of training and his parents allowed him to change to a better group that was about an hour away from his hometown. It showed him how much they still supported his dancing.

Wooyoung knew that he would never want to do anything else than dancing in his life, so it was clear to him and his parents that he would go to an university where he could study dance. It was a tough to decide where to go. There was a nice academy in Pusan, but there was a way better in Seoul. Wooyoung didn't want to move. Due to his obsessive dancing he had a hard time finding and keeping friendships. And he was sure this wouldn't change when he moved away.

In the end his parents made the decision for him. He found the leasing contract for a room in a shared flat in Seoul tucked under his acceptation letter. His last days were hard, not because he had too many friends to say goodbye to, but because he knew he would miss his parents. Packing had been easy, because there was not much to pack after all and he took the train to Seoul.

There was only one other boy living in the apartment with him, but there were more rooms signed out for renting so Wooyoung was sure, there would be more people living with them sooner or later. Siwan was a friendly boy who told him happily about his fashion studies, but understood that Wooyoung was not talkative and needed time on his own.

His first dance lesson made him feel like he was eight again and the only boy in ballet class, but this time he knew he had nothing to worry about, because he saw how the other students danced. For the first time in a long while he was in a room filled with only people around his level he felt like crying. He actually did, out of joy, when he called his parents that afternoon telling them how everything was, sobbing 'thank you's' at them because without their help he wouldn't have been able to expirience this.